Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fascia & Torch Down Roof

First off, a few friends have said that I was visibly missing from the blog. Okay, so here's a picture of me and Dylan Thomas at the front door. As you can see I have on work clothes! Actually, Steve took another picture of me painting the fascia boards, but it was a staged picture as there was no way I was going to climb up a ladder with a paint can and a brush. I need both hands to climb a ladder.

Before putting on the new roof. The fascia boards had to go up and the metal flashing - this all matches the rest of the house. I did help with the milling of the fascia boards on the table saw. No picture because I needed two hands to hold the boards. Here are some pictures of the fascia boards going up.

Once the fascia and metal flashing were in place. Steve started the roof. We used what is called "a torch down," roof. This is a modified bitumen roof or torch down which is a newer type of roofing material. It goes down like a blanket and then is hit with an open flame to get it to adhere to the roof. I believe it is best used on new roofs or roofs where the all the old material has been removed. (You can read about this type of roof on where they have a forum dealing with building materials.)

It took Steve a day and a half to do the roof. Luckily, by being near the coast the mornings were overcast, but the afternoon blazed and working with a torch on the roof was a hard, hot job. 540 square feet of roof including the soffits.

Well, I've almost caught this blog up to date with the work going on. Tomorrow. Hanging some doors.

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