Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Framing - Hip Hip Hooray for The Nail Gun

This is Dylan Thomas looking out the back patio door towards the new addition. I'm sure he's wondering what all the noise is about and he's not quite sure he likes the sound of the framing nail gun. I know he doesn't like like the sound of the compressor, because when it goes on he runs into the house and hides in a corner.

Wednesday, the cement was finished and Thursday, Steve started framing. Starting at the corner "strong wall", he framed in the bedroom windows and the door leading to the patio.

The next day, the side and back wall of the bedroom, bathroom and family room went up. The work went fast and Steve was glad he'd invested in a framing nail gun. Occasionally, I held a board or took a measurement. Nothing too strenuous for me!

By Sunday night, we had finished the framing. Steve usually starts working on the house around eight in the morning and quits at five in the afternoon, so we don't disturb the neighbors too much. Below are some more pictures of the rest of the framing. (This part, the framing, is actually exciting as you begin to see the house take shape.)

Naturally, Dylan Thomas wanted to take a stroll through the new construction.

And of course, Dylan Thomas has to tell the big dog Steve - great job!


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