Monday, July 25, 2005

Hang Doors & Weep Screed & Wrap

With the roof done, Steve decided to hang the doors - glass door leading to patio, bedroom door, and pocket door for the bathroom.

The glass door was the hardest as it is very heavy. We salvaged this door or I should say were given this door by Liseanne and Peter who live on Meier Street. They are almost finished with a totall remodel and addition to their house. Anyway, they couldn't use this great door, so we got it. A big thanks to Liseanne and Peter.
Anyway, the door was awkward and heavy, so instead of building a frame around the door and jockeying it into the space, Steve built the frame and with the help of shims and me (yeah, I helped), got the door to hang correctly.

On July 21, Steve nailed in the weep screed. The weep screed is a moisture barrier to help keep water away from the wood and walls of the house. The views of weep screed are from the back side of the house and also the bedroom window side.

Wrapping the house is tedious, but not hard. First, you staple on black paper with 1/2" staples. (Later stucco will cover the outside of the house.)Here are some shots of wrapping the house.

Shot of side wall of house where Steve is on the ladder faces east and the shot of wall of black paper faces north.

By the end of the day, the layer of the black paper was on the house. Then came the stucco lath (paper with chicken wire on it). Steve didn't want to buy another nail gun to use for the furring nails so he decided, he'd have to use a plain old hammer to hammer in all the furring nails which are placed in the studs only. Hammering slowed him down a bit, but saved money on not buying another type of nail gun. Besides, it is only on the tv show "This Old House," that a person can own every type of tool in the world, right?

So as the sun begins fall lower in the sky, we leave the completion of the stucco lath until tomorrow.
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