Thursday, July 07, 2005

More Waiting and Revisions

This photo of a Gregory Ain house appeared today in the L.A. Times in the home section. This particular house is on Meir Street, the street behind our house which is on Moore Street. I include this latest clipping because it points up all the publicity these Gregory Ain homes garner by being architectually designed and midcentury modern. This tract of homes has been written about extensively and photographed continually which makes it fun to live in one of these special houses. Years ago, no one seemed to pay much attention to our little neighborhood, but that changed when another LA Times article was published about Ten of Los Angeles Best Kept Secret Places to Live - well, after that article, we had droves of people driving by which of course ruined the "best kept secret."

Back to the progress of the addition on our home. We'd thought we'd now get the building permits, but when we showed the plans to the engineer, Laura, at Plan Check at Bldg. & Safety, she wanted certain revisions from our hired engineer. Those revisions were 1. the room leading to the garage, or next to the garage could not be a bedroom (this is a code issue that a bedroom can't be attached to a garage). This was okay as we'd been thinking of this room as a family room; 2. The garage wall that faces the family room or is part of the family room had to be what is called "A One Hour Wall", which means you install 5/8" Type X sheetrock. Plus the door from the family room into the garage would have to be rated "A 20 Minute Door," meaning it would take a fire in the garage 20 minutes to burn into the family room, this too is code; 3. The hallway leading from the family room to the master bedroom and bath had to be at least 36" wide (this also necessitated redrawing the original plans - and yes more xeroxing, ); 4. Because of all the windows in the design Laura told us we would need more sheer wall. She also told us we needed a "Title 24" which is a energy efficiency report, which meant we would have to hire another engineer to calculate our addition's windows to determine whether we needed double or single pane windows. Fortunately, this new engineer, this energy efficiency engineer, was efficient. He got us his plan and specifications in two days. In the scheme of things so far, I thought we thought he was really fast!

It was back to the drawing board and back to xeroxing while we waited for our first engineer to finish his part of the new drawings. Two weeks for the engineer to get back to us and another week to wait for another appointment with Laura at Plan Check. This last appointment, we prayed would be the final plan check. Please God!

Again, Steve needed to keep going while we waited so he put form boards around the footings of the foundation.

In the last picture here, you can see Steve put the wood clear to the bottom which later he learned he couldn't do that. He would have to take off the bottom piece of wood which shows what can happen when you move ahead without all the facts. (In fairness, I must say my brother Marty, who pours cement foundations in Oregon told Steve to do it this way, but that is Oregon and this is California.)

Tune in again tomorrow to see if we get the building permits on May 23, 2005!


Blogger kristina said...

hey susannah! nice weblog! your house looks like it's coming along!

i'll make sure to keep Uncle Steve in mind whenever i decide to build onto a house or something. ;)

hope you guys are doing well!


2:50 PM  
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