Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rafters and Sheathing

By Wednesday, the 29th of June, we'd started hammering in the roof rafters. Again, the nail gun made the work go quickly. The door you see at the end of the picture leads into a garage.

The rafters took a day and on Thursday we started to sheath the house with 5/8" by 4' x8' structural Grade 1 plywood. Now the house was beginning to take shape.

During this time we were too cheap to buy saw horses (can you believe it?) so here is Steve working on his makeshift table which consisted of the arms of a large wheelbarrow! Since this time, I borrowed a set of saw horses, but he hasn't used them yet as they are new and he doesn't want to rough them up.

Below, another shot of Steve looking annoyed at me taking his picture. But like I said in an earlier post, that's my job. He may look like he's smiling, but that is a grimace meaning - "hurry up."

So that's about three days for roof rafters and sheathing. Then came the framing of the master bathroom. Anchor bolts and epoxy. This addition is so well bolted, anchored, nailed that I don't think even a hurricane could lift the wood from the slab. Well, maybe a hurricane 10, but even the inspector said it was solid and that it wasn't going anywhere. Overbuilt? Well, those are California codes and if there's an earthquake, I'm sure we'll all be glad we have those codes. The last picture is of Steve cleaning out the holes he has drilled for the anchor blots.

When Gregory Ain built this housing tract in Mar Vista, he set up a milling plant up near what is now Centinela Boulevard. They milled the doors, walls, moldings etc. - similar to how they make manufactured homes today. Originally, each house in the tract was identical with the same floor plan, size and shape. I think part of the genius of Gregory Ain was that he turned the identical houses on the lots so that some front doors face the street and some entrances are facing the house next door which gives the illusion that the houses are different. In doing our addition, we have chosen to keep the original architectual lines of Ain's design. The windows in the bedroom replicate the windows in the original bedroom, as do the windows in the bath and family room. We are also doing the soffit so the original flat roof keeps the same line. Next to come - rough-in plumbing, electrical and the INSPECTOR!

A few places of interest on the web you might want to visit regarding mid-century homes and Gregory Ain - which is the Los Angeles Conservancy; the Los Angeles Forum for Achitecture and Urban Design; Archpedia the Architectural Encyclopedia.


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