Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rough-in Plumbing, Electrical & The Inspector

I forgot to put in some of the final pictures of the sheathing of the house from the last post so I've added them . The second shot is a view from inside the new bedroom window facing out to the back yard. I think it will be so peaceful to wake up and see all the lush greenery.

I didn't take any pictures when Josh was here helping Steve do the rough-in plumbing. Josh was a big help. When Josh was a little boy and visiting his aunt next door, he decided to do me a favor and cut all the lower limbs on my newly planted Jacaranda Tree (of course, this was a surprise for me.) I remember at the time, admiring his handiwork, then coming in the house and raging about how awful my tree now looked! So now, I find it charming that the little boy is all grown up and instead of trimming plants, he's learned a trade.

Steve had already run the copper piping for the bathrooms which you can see in the next two shots.

While Josh rigged the plumbing, Steve started on the electrical - running wire and setting up outlets. We have a second power box in the garage which is nice because I was able to work in the house on the computer without the electrical being shut off in the old house. When we put a new roof on the old house a year ago, we set up the second electrical box in the garage in case we got around to adding an addition. Thinking ahead! We are using indirect lights in the family room, the bathroom and in the master bedrooom there will be an overhead light like in the original bedroom with outlets on either side of the bed for lamps. Here are some shots of the wiring and walls.

In the shot of the glass door, you can see the kitchen door and side window. Eventually, this whole unit of glass and door will move over across the slab and become the door to the side of the house and kitchen will open into the family room.

When the inspector from Building and Safety arrived, he was very happy with all the work. He complimented us on the neatness of the job. He also complimented Steve by saying, "he wished more jobs were as precise and well done as ours." Steve was really happy as he'd been doing most all the work by himself and sometimes learning as he went along. (He is a licensed landscape contractor so he did already know electrical and building). Anyway, the inspector is a great guy and he had only a few things he wanted completed. 1. We needed to get Simpson A35 brackets and install them between the blocking and top plate of rafters. 2. Also, he wanted Steve to fill the plumbing pipes so that when he returned the next day, he could check for leaks.

The next day, the inspector returned and he checked the brackets and also the rough-in plumbing. Again, he was pleased and signed off on rough-in plumbing and rough electrical. Now we could proceed with the next stage - the roof and wrapping the house. Dylan approved too, but he needed to take a rest, too much excitement for one day.

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