Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All's Well That Ends Well

As I said in the last post, Steve used a regular hammer to put in all of the furring nails to hold the stucco lath to the house. When the inspector came out, he immediately saw a problem. Steve had hammered the furring nails at the correct intervals and to the studs, but he'd used the nails incorrectly.

The little pad on the nail has to go under the wire so it holds the wire away from the paper. In the pictures you can see the wrong way and the right way. Nothing to do but pull out all the furring nails and renail all the stucco lath again! If he'd left the nails they way they were then the first time an earthquake hit the house (a big trembler), all the stucco would have fallen off! Tedious work, but you learn as you go and luckily, in this case, the fix wasn't too hard. So all's well that ends well on.

The renailing took a day, then it was onto making the window casements. The casements are made of Douglas Fir (expensive, but the look is so much better than those plastic or metal window frames). And the window ledges are redwood.

After all the casements and ledges were made and installed, they got a coat of white primer.

I forgot to mention that when the inspector caught the wrong nailing procedure, he did sign off on the rough electrical and rough framing. He praised the work and we were pleased there were no more problems. The whole thing made Dylan Thomas tired, so he stretched out for a nap.

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