Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gas Meter, Lights and Soffits

This is the old gas meter and as you can see it is now inside the new addition. Steve had repiped the house so the gas line now runs through the ceiling and not in the slab. We'd learned that the old cement slab had really corroded the gas pipe and to be on the safe side, we ran the new line. Later, we learned that in the late 40's early 50's, cement had a lot more lime in it than it does today. The lime just eats away at pipes in slabs. (If you have a Mid-Century house or older on a slab, you might want to check the condition of your pipes in the slab.) We started calling the gas company in June to come out and reroute the meter. We made lots of calls and even paid for the job. Finally, last Friday, August 19, they showed up at eight in the morning.

They moved the meter and laid all new pipe from the back of the addition to the street. I didn't take a picture of the hole in the street, but this gives you and idea of the work. Finally, we now have a new gas meter and it is on the outside of the new addition. You can also see a hose bib, Steve installed so it will be easy to hook up a hose for watering plants on the side of the house.

While the gas men were digging and laying pipe, Steve was busy installing the electrical plug outlets, light switches and light fixtures. One picture was taken during the afternoon of some of the lights and two pictures taken at night. It was really fun to flip the switches at night and see the rooms lit for the first time. There's something about lighting that gives everything a substantial feel - an idea made real.

I don't have a picture of the bedroom because we haven't picked out the light fixture yet. I'm hoping to find something simple in keeping with the 50's flavor. There will be an overhead fixture and Steve has wired the bedroom with plugs on either side of the bed so there can be lamps as well on night stands. The bathroom has overhead cans and a fan.

On Saturday, Steve decided to finish the soffit on the outside of the master bedroom. I wanted to get someone to help him as the plywood was heavy, but he figured out how to do it alone. I did help with the measuring tape and by handing him the nail gun while he balanced plywood sheets on his head.

And after the plywood soffits were in place, they got two coats of primer. Today, is Sunday, and we're taking the day off from building. Steve is watching sports on tv and I'm doing this blog. Dylan is sound asleep, having had a good long walk and a ride in the car. Next week, we'll put in for the inspector to come and sign off on the dry wall and then it will be time to tape and mud the walls. I've been informed that I'm going to help. I've never done taping and mudding and I'm thinking how hard can it be? I'll let you know.



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