Sunday, August 07, 2005

Insulation and An Oops!

With the stucco lath finally renailed, it was time to insulate the walls and ceiling.

Installing insulation is pretty easy. You cut to fit and staple it to the inside of the studs. While we were insulating the house, we decided to insulate the bathroom walls too. In most homes, they don't insulate the bathroom walls because the walls are on the inside of the house. But since the bathroom sits between the family room and the master bedroom, we decided that the added insulation would muffle sound and do away with those strange bathroom noises. And to do to the bathroom's outer walls cost less than twenty dollars so we did it. More privacy which is always a good thing, right?

The insulation of the whole addition took two and a half days. And then it was time to put up OSB board on the designated sheer walls.
Here is a picture of the a sheer wall with OSB board. The gas meter you see will be moved by the gas company to a place outside the house. Steve has already piped through the ceiling for the new gas line, but we are still WAITING for the gas company to come and do their part of the process. (Needless, to say we call them every day and leave messages and hopefully they will come before the floors are done!) Steve had almost finished nailing the sheer wall to the wall between the family room and the garage when his nail hit something. That something was a copper water line up near the ceiling. A big oops. I could hear terrible mutterings coming from the addition and I waited for the mood to cool down before I ventured out to see what had happened.

A couple of trips to the lumber yard and the pipe was repaired. The sheer wall removed and replaced. Always mark all pipes as best you can so you know where they are later! So far in the construction of the addition there have only been two big mistakes - 1. the placing of the furring nails and 2. this water pipe misshaps. Not bad for all the work that has gone into the construction so far. Now we have to call the inspector to sign off on the exterior lathing and the insulation, then it will be on to dry wall. I've been told that I will have to help with the dry walling - I can feel another oops coming. Did I mention that I'm accident prone when it comes to tools and equipment? I don't do well with crafts either. Anyway, stay tuned to see if the dry walling goes smoothly.


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