Monday, August 29, 2005

Mud and Stucco

I haven't written on this blog for a few days because we've been busy applying mud to the screw holes and mudding in the tape. Mudding and sanding, mudding and sanding to get perfect walls.

The prep for painting the walls takes longer than painting! We learned that the smooth set comes in bags with different numbers on them and the numbers indicate how long the patch takes to dry - ie., - a number 10 would take ten minutes to dry so you'd have to work really fast. So we didn't use the smooth set/quick set. We used joint compound and topping compound which gives you longer to work with the mud. It's really like frosting a cake and like frosting a cake you don't want to go over one spot a lot of times as you lift up what you put down. I did help, but only on the screw holes. After the layers of mud are dry then it is time to hand sand. This last shot here is of the family room. We're still sanding and touching up.

The other day we called around to get estimates on the outside stucco work. Steve had already done the lathing so we needed an estimate on the three coats of stucco. One company, who will remain nameless, gave us a bid of almost $7,000. Geez, that is more than we spent on the foundation. Needless to say, I got on the phone and called some friends. One friend who is also remodeling his home with a contractor, put us in contact with the contractor who said we could use his guys as he didn't need them for a few days. Cost - well, let's just say it was very, very reasonable - very.

So this morning the stucco guys came and went right to work putting on the scratch coat. First, they covered all the windows and doors with tape and plastic, then they got busy slapping on the brown coat.

The first coat of stucco was on the addition in just a few hours. They cleaned up and said they'd see us tomorrow. In the meantime, Steve has to get all the window trim done before they return.

Will Steve get all the windows trimmed before tomorrow? Stay tuned.



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