Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Big Dig

The big dig is the sewer line hookup. In an earlier blog, I told how we did the plumbing for the new bathroom before the foundation was laid. The end of the pipe stopped just inside the garage door and now it was time to dig through the garage floor and out across the yard to the sewer. Of course, we waited to do this, after Steve had already painted the garage walls! Dirt everywhere! Josh, our plumber friend came over to help when the digging was all done which was the way Steve planned it. Josh was really a big help with the hook up.

Some out the garage door shots of the trench.
The pipe went under the walkway near the driveway as you can see in the car shot.


In two of the pictures, the man looking on is Josh's Dad, John. He watches as Josh connects pipe down in the trench.

John grew up in the house next door. His parents were original owners here in the Gregory Ain tract. We couldn't put the sod back right away. Had to wait a day for the inspector to sign off on the hookup which he did.

With the drain hooked up, the hole gets filled and sod goes back on. In a few weeks this grass will look as good as new.

The inside of the garage is filled in with dirt and it will now get a layer of cement and eventually the whole floor will be redone.

All of this hard work of digging and hooking up and refilling the trench got us to the fun part - installing the bathtub.

Of course, Dylan Thomas wasn't really interested in all this work. His main concern as always is when is it time for a walk around the neighborhood. Here he is waiting patiently.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stucco and Details

It seems like the most dramatic part of building the addition is finished. Now we are into details, details, details. This week, the final coat of stucco was put on the addition. The crew of four were fast and very good. They even cleaned up after themselves which I think is a plus. In a few days when this stucco dries we will paint it like the rest of the house which is a paint color called chrome gray.

Window frames and sills went up and got a coat of primer.

And we put in the baseboards. We weren't going to do baseboards, but we learned that since we are having carpeting in the bedroom, hall and family room, the carpet people need baseboards so the carpet can be laid correctly. Actually, baseboards are consistent with the old house.
And here is a picture of the new door which will go in the back side near the garage. We've been buying a lot of our supplies at Stock Lumber so when Steve went to get the door, they gave us a break on the price. Always happy to save a little money without losing quality. Also in this door picture you can see all the available light in the hallway leading to the bedroom. Nice and bright in the morning.

This last picture is of the light fixture. We've decided it is a big mistake. They had these types of cone lights in the 50's but it is so glaring. We've decided to go back to our original idea and put in a light fixture like the ones in the original bedrooms. Sometimes, you just have to see an object mounted to tell if you're going to like it. So we are into the details now and we want to get them right as I believe it is in the details a house can really shine.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Painting, Painting and More Painting

Steve finished the trim around the windows on the outside so the next coat of stucco could go on, but of course, we have been waiting for the stucco team to come back and put on that second coat. Not one to sit around and enjoy the day, Steve began priming all the rooms. I did help with the primer. Unfortunately, Steve didn't think I was doing a good job as I have a tendency to hold the roller to the ceiling then walk backwards pulling the thing along. He informed me that I had to use my arms to move the roller back and forth. So I decided it hurt my neck to roller and instead, grabbed a brush and did the cutting in around the floor. I also helped with part of the painting, but not the last coat. Anyway, all three rooms are now painted.

Looking from the bedroom down the hall to the family room. White and bright. All the rooms are white except for the one bedroom wall which is the orchid pink.

The pink wall is the back wall of the bedroom. (Lattice in back is one neighbor's side of the fence - I think we will plant a flowering vine on it.) We decided to paint the one wall pink to match two walls that are already pink - one in the living room and the front entrance hallway - as a way of pulling the new addition into the old. The carpeting will be plum color to match what we have in the original house and VCT like in original will also be used. This shade of pink is bold, almost an orchid, if the new owner doesn't like it, they can repaint - easy enough job if you don't pull the roller along by walking backwards.

This last picture shows the lovely fragile looking Chorisia Floss Silk tree that grows on the backside of the house. Luckily, we didn't have to cut it down when adding on the addition. The flowers (colors match the bedroom wall ) are really gorgeous like baby orchids. I leave you with a shot of the flowers from the Chorisia tree which is native of South America.