Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stucco and Details

It seems like the most dramatic part of building the addition is finished. Now we are into details, details, details. This week, the final coat of stucco was put on the addition. The crew of four were fast and very good. They even cleaned up after themselves which I think is a plus. In a few days when this stucco dries we will paint it like the rest of the house which is a paint color called chrome gray.

Window frames and sills went up and got a coat of primer.

And we put in the baseboards. We weren't going to do baseboards, but we learned that since we are having carpeting in the bedroom, hall and family room, the carpet people need baseboards so the carpet can be laid correctly. Actually, baseboards are consistent with the old house.
And here is a picture of the new door which will go in the back side near the garage. We've been buying a lot of our supplies at Stock Lumber so when Steve went to get the door, they gave us a break on the price. Always happy to save a little money without losing quality. Also in this door picture you can see all the available light in the hallway leading to the bedroom. Nice and bright in the morning.

This last picture is of the light fixture. We've decided it is a big mistake. They had these types of cone lights in the 50's but it is so glaring. We've decided to go back to our original idea and put in a light fixture like the ones in the original bedrooms. Sometimes, you just have to see an object mounted to tell if you're going to like it. So we are into the details now and we want to get them right as I believe it is in the details a house can really shine.



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