Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finishing Touches

We needed bathroom fixtures. I wanted simple chrome fixtures. You'd think they would be easy to find. Nope. We looked at Home Depot and other hardware stores. Nothing simple with clean lines, so we had to bite the bullet and go to Synder Diamond where we found just what we wanted. Not a cheap store, I might add, but they have every bathroom fixture and style you can imagine. While we were there, I saw a bathroom mirror I loved. It was a rectangle with chrome frame. We didn't buy it. It cost $464. Synder Diamond is one of those stores that can make you wish you were rich. So now the problem was where to find a great looking mirror in our price range? Again, off we went to the usual stores. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Finally we found what we wanted at Schwartz Glass in Santa Monica. We told them the dimensions and they created a mirror to size with chrome clips. Simple and elegant.

And here is Dylan Thomas watching me take a picture of the mirror. He is very curious poodle.

Steve moved onto the garage. First, we used up the box of VCT in the color we'd ordered wrong - put it under the washer and dryer. Then he painted the garage floor with gray primer. Next came gray epoxy. Epoxy flooring is really nice for old garage floors because it is self levelling and will cover up flaws.

Sorry, I couldn't get a better picture of the completed floor color. It is gray with specks of blue, black, white (these speckled things come in the package and you sprinkle them on the epoxy.) Epoxy is very easy to use - just roll it on. Costs about $56 a box and you need two boxes for a two car garage. Waiting for the expoxy to dry, I marvelled at how big our garage is as I haven't seen it empty for years. Now it is so empty - well, a few boxes have crept back in. I think there is a law of physics that empty spaces attract stuff? After the garage was finished (earlier, we had put up sheetrock and installed new lights etc.), the original back patio needed to be replaced. It was cracked and it also didn't line up with the new addition. The old patio was blown out in a day and dumped in a roll-off dumpster. The next day, Steve poured cement. Voila, a new patio.

Today, we are, well Steve is updating the landscape in the back, side and front yard. We're adding some color to the flower beds and also redwood compost. Redwood compost really can make your garden come together and look like a million dollars. Great for the plants too. A good fix for your yard if you are having a party.

This shot of plants is the side or back of the addition. We had to leave, by code, 15 feet from house to fence line so it will now be filled with plants and be a greenspace that you can see when standing by the gazebo looking north. This area isn't finished yet - it will get some rocks and also some redwood compost. On the north side of the house there will be a gravel walkway.

Looking out the side door from the kitchen, I can see my neighbor's house with their facia that needs painting. So to avoid this view, we've decided to plant Queen palms and other plants. Steve is by trade a landscape contractor and with his contacts in the business, he can find wonderful plants by going into the growing yards and picking by size and height.
This area will also have a gravel pathway and a concrete pad to step out on.

This Sunday, October 30, we are having an open house from 1 to 4pm. If you're in the area, please stop by. We have a lot of little things to fix, a lot to clean (do you think people look in the closets?). I'm going to sign off for now and think about cleaning the closets. More pictures to come!



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